Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting Machines are the cleaning devices that are used to remove rust, corrosion and for the smoothening of the materials surfaces whether it is a metal, non-metal or an alloy. In the operation of these machineries a uniform stream of abrasive materials at high pressure is forcibly propelled against a material body to shape or to smooth a rough surface and vice versa. Sand Blasting Machines consist of two input lines from which air or sand entered the nixing unit now this mixture is then flows to an output channel to provide a pressurized stream with the help of a nozzle. These are equipped with heavy duty pumps that helps to create a high pressure zone. 
Product Image (JS-101)

Die Blast Cleaning Machine

Pressure Blast and Suction Blast Cabinet

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Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine

Pressure Blast and Suction Blast Cabinets


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